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Spot the Kardashian! Kim appears to be suffering some skin troubles as she heads for the gym

By Daily Mail Reporter

Breaking out: Kim Kardashian appeared to have come out in spots as she headed to the gym

We're used to seeing Kim Kardashian with flawless skin - even when she's on her way to the gym.

But the socialite appeared to be having an off day when she arrived for one of her regular workouts on Christmas Eve.

The 30-year-old was showing signs of having had a breakout of spots - which were particularly noticeable on her make-up free face.

And although she tried to cover up with a pair of oversized sunglasses, there was visible evidence on her forehead and cheeks that her skin was not at its best.

However Kim made up for her blemishes by wearing another super-chic stylish outfit for her workout.

Having attracted attention with an all-black ensemble earlier in the week, this time she opted for a tight-fitting white top and cropped black and white jacket, which she teamed with trendy black leggings and white trainers.

Gym Kardashian: The socialite was once again dressed stylishly for her workout in a black and white outfit

And she didn't forget to take along her phone or her bottle of Fiji water - artesian water favoured by celebrities including US President Barack Obama and actor Robert Pattinson.

After spending much of the year in New York launching her new clothing store DASH with sister Kourtney, Kim returned to Los Angeles for the festive period to spend Christmas with her family.

However she almost didn't make it back in time after the adverse weather left her and sister Khloe stranded in South Africa.

That's better: Kim displayed flawless skin at the Ultimate Engagement Ring contest in New York earlier this week

The pair were due to fly home via Paris last weekend but found their trip to Cape Town extended when all flights to the French capital were cancelled due to heavy snow.

They eventually flew out the next day, eventually making it home 28 hours later than expected - and as a result missed the annual Christmas party with their late father Robert Kardashian's family.