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Heidi Klum pretends to work in a pizza parlour... and gets told she should be a pole dancer

By Daily Mail Reporter

I could be a pole dancer: Heidi Klum demonstrates her potential as she pretends to be a pizza waitress in Santa Monica

At first glance the new waitress at Joe's Kitchen looks nothing special.

But underneath the blonde hair tied messily off her face and the standard red and white uniform, is none other than Heidi Klum.

The 37-year-old worked undercover in Santa Monica, California, for U.S. TV show I Get That A Lot.'

Extra pepperoni? The supermodel pretended she worked at the store
And plenty of customers did a double take when they spotted the 'lookalike' behind the counter.

Waitress Heidi flirted with the customers and even told one he looked like Seal -'You know, the singer. He has a gap [in his teeth] just like you'.

One customer suggested she should turn to pole dancing to make some extra cash.

'I have got to tell you in my town that's a very lucrative profession,' he told her.

Getting to grips with the oven: Heidi throws in a slice to warm up

Showing her stomach: Heidi pretended she wanted a career change
Heidi responded: 'People tell me that I have a really good body. I just go round the stick a few times.'

She then slapped her backside and showed off her stomach.

Eventually the 37-year-old revealed the truth.

Also on the show were rapper Ice-T, who tried to pass himself off as a shoe salesman, and Paris Hilton, who attempted to go incognito at a gas [petrol] station.