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'I can't help who I'm in love with': Chanelle Hayes gives ex-boyfriend Jack Tweed another chance

By Daily Mail Reporter

Third time lucky: Chanelle Hayes (left) has decided to give her relationship with Jack Tweed, pictured in London on Tuesday night, another try

Just a month after accusing Jack Tweed of cheating on her in an angry Twitter rant, Chanelle Hayes has decided to give their romance another try.

Writing on her Twitter page last night, the Big Brother 8 contestant revealed she was giving Tweed a second chance after their high-profile row last month.

Their reconciliation will mark the second time they have got back together since they first started dating back in April when Hayes was five months pregnant with her son Blakely.

Writing on her Twitter on Friday night, Hayes gushed: 'Night everybody. I'm going to sleep feeling happy and in love xxxxxxxx

'I can't help who I'm in love with... Trusting u this time jack. Hope u keep your promises. Xxx'

The couple's reconciliation comes six weeks after a furious Hayes accused Tweed of cheating on her with glamour model Daisy Watts after they were photographed holding hands while leaving Alto nightclub in London.

The blonde 23-year-old shocked fans when she launched into an angry tirade on Twitter, because they thought the couple had split up in July.

Public declaration: Hayes told Tweed she was 'trusting you this time' on her Twitter page last night

However, she later clarified that the couple had been dating secretly since their summer split and claimed Tweed had proposed to her just hours before he was pictured leaving the club with Watts.

After seeing the photos in a magazine, she wrote on her Twitter: 'Since when has Daisy Watts been cousins with Jack Tweed? So funny they leave Alto holding hands and he STILL lies his a**e off!! Woww!!

'"Oh I love you Chan, I wanna marry you Chan, I wanna be Blakely's daddy Chan." I've officially had enough of you Jack. Do one!

'Stop calling me, stop texting me, stop lying to my face!! I'm done with you, your lies, and your obvious inability to keep your penis in your pants.

Happier times: Hayes and Tweed in London in April - when she was pregnant with her son Blakely

'I have my baby and my life is full of love. Yours is full of s**gs, alcohol, fights and trouble... you must be so proud.

'I have finally realised I am far too good for you.'

Defending himself, Tweed - best known for being Jade Goody's widower - claimed their relationship wasn't that serious.

He told Star magazine last month: 'She must have just had a bad day or something and took it out on me. I'm single. Well, we still chat but she lives three hours away.

'I still speak to her so maybe I shouldn't. She’s just really crazy. I don’t feel that we’re in a relationship. She’s going to say something now that I’ve said this. I told her to delete the Twitter thing.

Incriminating: Hayes launched into her angry Twitter rant after seeing this photo of Tweed leaving Alto club in London with glamour model Daisy Watts

'She texted back saying, "Stop mugging me off then". I didn’t read the whole message - it went on for about three pages. Sometimes she can just switch and go into some mad rant.'

However, it now appears the couple are giving their long-distance romance another try.

Tweed lives in Essex with best friend, The Only Way Is Essex star Mark Wright, while Hayes lives in Wakefield with her five-month-old son Blakely - who's father is Middlesborough footballer Matthew Bates.

It's been a tumultuous year in Chanelle's lovelife - she split from Bates in February when she was three months pregnant after less than a year together.