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Here comes the bride... or is it the groom? Kate Silverton is hard to recognise the day before her wedding

By Daily Mail Reporter

Last-minute wedding plans? Hunched over her phone, Kate Silverton is hard to recognise in her rather masculine outfit of greys and blacks as one of the country’s most glamorous TV news readers

Bundled up against the cold and her face hidden by heavy glasses and a flat cap, this is Kate Silverton on the day before her wedding.

Hunched over her phone, she’s hard to recognise in her rather masculine outfit of greys and blacks as one of the country’s most glamorous TV news readers.

The 40-year-old strolled out in jogging bottoms, Ugg boots and a cap as she ran last-minute errands near her home in central London before her nuptials.

Miss Silverton is marrying her partner of two years Mike Heron today at St Bride’s Church in Fleet Street.

Security expert Heron, 43, who was a Royal Marine, proposed to her on one knee in the Piazza del Popolo on a surprise trip to Rome last year.

He had a Forevermark engagement ring made especially for her because he knew Miss Silverton would want a diamond that was ethically sourced.

She once admitted that she did not think that she would find love after years being
single. She said: ‘I’m not your typical bride.

‘It has taken me 40 years to get to this point and, frankly, I was not sure whether marriage was for me.’

The couple met on a course for BBC journalists working in war zones or other difficult environments.

She said: ‘I took a shine to him not just because I found him so attractive physically but also because of who he was and the qualities he had.

‘That is to say his strength of character, his intelligence and the moral values we share.

‘He is the kind of man who has no need to please other people for the sake of pleasing; he is self-contained, kind, funny and a natural gentleman.’

Miss Silverton has told how the couple have struggled to conceive – she was warned she could face infertility after problems with an ovarian cyst forced her to have surgery

Love match: Kate Silverton with fiance Mike Heron outside the Royal Crescent, Bath. The couple are getting married in St Bride's Church in Fleet Street

Handy: Mike had an engagement ring specially made for Kate as he knew she would want it to be ethically sourced